Monday, May 23, 2005

Links Monday

I wrote a lot about Paula Creamer when she was a 17-year old amateur at the US Women's Open last year. She's a pro now and she won her first LPGA title this weekend. ESPN compares her path to Michelle Wie's.

This is sad and strange.

GW's approval rating is dropping. I guess it's time to start scaring the pants off the population again. Oh right, he can't get reelected again so it doesn't really matter.

Holy crap did a lot of people see Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith! Must have read my A- review below.

Take ESPN's Star Wars sports quiz. Warning - it's pretty dumb.

Danny Graves is an idiot. So is Ricky Williams.

West Wing Quote of the Week:
CJ : "I want you to get with one of your friends in the press room from a conservative paper."
Ainsley : "You really think we have a secret handshake, don't you?"
CJ : "Do you?"
Ainsley : "Yes."

Other blogs to bookmark: Check out poker star Daniel Negreanu's HERE and Andy Merritt's Left-Center Field. Field is also posted as one of my links above. Apparently, it you went to my bachelor party and start a blog, I'm going to make it a link on mine. Anyway, I'm sure Andy will start posting regularly soon now that graduation is out of the way.

Finally, I'm looking to make some CDs for a stupidly long road trip next month. If you have any suggestions for good driving songs, let me know.

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