Thursday, June 16, 2005

State of the, uh, Union

This will be my last post before the wedding and I won't be back until the Junly 4 weekend. We're getting married this Saturday and then headed to Disney World and Washington, D.C. for two weeks. I'll be sure to post some thoughts on the trip when we return.

I finally got through the Cinderella Man review and it is posted below. I hope you enjoy it and definitely go see the movie. While I'm gone, I suggest you read the links to the right. I've been especially enjoying Jeff Maxwell's Twitch lately because he has even more going on in his life right now than I do. I can't wait for his first football game. I have to get myself to Clinton for at least one of them.

This is my last night of work. I'm doing the scoreboard page (we call it agate) and I'll be here until the final MLB game is over. It's been a really weird day. Kind of feels like the last day of school or something. I can't remember the last time I've taken a vacation and Lisa and I have never taken one where it would just be the two of us for so long. We're both obviously REALLY looking forward to it.

See you in July.

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House said...

Thanks for the kind words, man. We'll see you this weekend.

By the way...I 100% remember my week leading up to my wedding. I couldn't concentrate on anything. I was useless at work. Useless. Paperweights accomplished more. So don't sweat it...I'm sure your editor understands.