Monday, August 15, 2005

Movie Weekend

We rented and watched two movies I missed from last year over the weekend.

First, Lisa and I checked out Alexander, the Oliver Stone epic starring Colin Farrell as Alexander the Great, who conquered much of the known world before his death at age 32. The movie was extremely disappointing. The battle scenes were disjointed and unclear at times, the relationships are nearly impossible to keep track of, the acting was mediocre and the story wasn't told very well. Another Oliver Stone classic. Call it a C, maybe C+.

Roger Ebert's review is pretty close to how I felt after watching it:

"The running narration by Ptolemy (Anthony Hopkins) is a road map through three decades of history, but there are so many names, places and dates that finally we want to ask, please, sir, will this be on the final? Perhaps the narration is supposed to bridge gaps in the disjointed narrative. Even so, at one late point, the movie comes to a jarring halt with the title "Macedonia -- Eight Years Earlier," and we get a flashback to scenes involving Philip that don't feel like a flashback at all, but more like material plucked from its place in the chronology and inserted later to clarify what the filmmakers fear we will not otherwise understand."

The other movie was Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, which I watched after Lisa went to bed because she didn't have much interest in it. How was it? Midway through the movie, I went into thebedroom to see if she was still awake because the movie was so damn funny. After I watched it alone Saturday, we watched it together Sunday. Admittedly, it probably peaked at the point that I checked on Lisa (40 minutes or so in), but it was still very good. Give it a B/B+.

Oh, and I've never been to White Castle, but I sure want to go now. Unfortunately, the closest are the four in the NYC area. Eek!

Also: The Fantasy Football Blog is updated.

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