Monday, October 03, 2005

The Framingham Kid

Andy Merritt had his first big story as a full-time staff memeber at the Berkshire Eagle. He started Sunday. I LOVE when a plan comes together.

I saw Flightplan over the weekend and I expect to have the review up by the end of the week.

Since cronyism worked so well for FEMA, it's nice to see GWB going a similar route with the Supreme Court. Roberts was a damn fine candidate. This, however, makes me nervous.

Today is the first day without regular season baseball and the fantasy league I've been closely monitoring all season (my team really stunk). It's weird not to be checking it every once in a while at work.

If you are interested in Bill Simmons (The Sports Guy on ESPN's Page 2), you'll likely be interested in this. Personally, I think he comes off as a whiny piece of garbage, but whatever.

I always read Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback, but I thought this week's was pretty good for some reason.

Who's gonna win the World Series?

Lastly, go Sox!

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