Thursday, October 20, 2005

Weird Week

It's been a very odd few days. Went to a beautiful funeral service on Saturday (hard to explain), did my one weekend of not-watching-just football-on-Sunday that I try to do once a fall with my lovely wife. We saw Elizabethtown and then I worked all night.

On Monday, I took the day off for my birthday (25, yipe) and we went out to dinner. Tuesday was normal work stuff.

Then Lisa called me Wednesday afternoon because she was in a car accident on I-91 and there was pretty major damage to her car. I left work (was supposed to be on until 1:30 a.m. or so) and made sure she was okay and everything. Co-workers Mike and Matt came through and covered for me for the rest of the night (big thanks to them).

Thursday, Lisa and I took care of the copying and faxing that are required after an accident and grabbed lunch, where we were asked to take part in taste-testing some new ice cream cakes. What do you think we said? Anyway, Lisa and I were married in June, but Thursday marked six years since we began dating. That number isn't huge in the grand scheme of things and we made much less of a deal about it this year, but it still makes me smile. I'm a lucky guy.

Anyway, I was just stopping here to drop some links.

A felon actually asked for added time to his sentence. Why? Larry Bird, of course.

The word "another" is the amusing part of this story.

So, anyone heard of the bird flu? I assume you have. Here's a good Q&A about it.

Say, um, main squeeze(s)

Finally, in honor of our boy Jeff Maxwell, let's all root hard for the Seattle Seahawks against Dallas this weekend.