Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Links Worth Reading

I'm putting together my first Movies of 2005 list and figured I'd post some links while finishing up. There's some good stuff in here.

Here are the top 52 reasons ESPN stinks. Funny stuff and definitely worth a look.

Some examples:
11. Stephen A. Smith. Mark Shapiro, the prime mover behind Sportstainment! and former head of ESPN, said he just HAD to hire Smith after every focus group detested his ass. Well, there you go. Would love to kick the ass of the editor of Highlights magazine for bewitching him with those devilish puzzles all these years. Makes a sport we already don’t care about all the more ignoreable–and isn’t that what a great spokesman for the sport is supposed to do?

17. I…love…highlights without shtick…songs that don’t suck d---…and twins!!!

35. Lou Holtz. You have a speech defect, and should not make a living talking on television. Oh, and you’re a cheater. Would be entertaining only if they made him speak from behind his own salad bar shield; we’re guessing it would look like those shots of cobras striking at people behind plexiglass in zoos, with spit flying in gobs all over the surface.

Simmons has certainly fallen off, but he's still good when writing about a few things. One of them is the NBA. Here is his version of the Power Rankings. Not bad if you are an NBA guy.

Boston Dirt Dogs is running an Apprentice-type poll for the Boston Red Sox GM with people voting off "candidates" one at a time. Still in the running are Peter Gammons, Michelle Damon, Wally the Green Monster and Luis Tiant. Click the link and vote someone off.

Festivus is mere weeks away. Celebrate by checking out the Sounds of Festivus!

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