Thursday, November 03, 2005

Theo, Part II

Damn Jeff, I thought having one editor to please was hard.

I didn't post my thoughts on the Theo Epstein resigning because I was waiting to hear what Theo himself would say at his press conference. To be honest, the conference didn't clear up a whole lot of things.

Theo never really said why he wasn't feeling the drive to run the Sox anymore. He only said that he didn't have it. He wouldn't get into specifics about what kicked in. He didn't blame anyone (especially Danny S. at the Globe) for being the reason for his decision. At the same time, it wasn't about falling out of love with being a baseball GM. I really don't know why Theo is leaving. I figure it still has a lot to do with the rumors (Larry Lucchino, etc.) and that Theo is trying to be professional in his explanations.

Here are my two issues with the situation:

1) It's ridiculous that it got to this point. There is no way the negotiations should have taken this long when John Henry claims that he can't imagine being closer to a human being than he is with Theo. If that's the case, this should have been taken care of long, long ago. Henry is as much to blame as anyone on this one.

2) I hate that a newspaper has to be in the middle of this. That a newspaper is owned by the same company as the team it covers and that it could have been viewed as an issue by Theo or anyone else in the company. I hate that newspapers are publicly owned by shareholders who care about the bottom line and reaching earning projections instead of being concerned about a newspaper's actual job of, you know, informing the public.

The Globe and Dan S. shouldn't be in the position for Sox fans to wonder if everything written about the team is more about furthering the team's agenda than anything else.

But that's the hole they've dug themselves into.

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