Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Link and a Note

I love Jon Stewart and am dying to see him host the Oscars this weekend. Jim Emerson, who runs Roger Ebert's website and has a blog there, has a nice story on Stewart's hosting that I definitely relate to.

NOTE: It's basketball tournament time and that's where my focus will be for the next few weeks. We are working on some things, including daily blog stuff at the high school sports page, so if you just love to read anything I write (Hi Mom and Dad!), check that out (it's free!).

However, I will absolutely have the nominations up for the Super Eight Movie Awards (that's the title I'm finally sticking with). The Super Eight will be, you guessed it, eight categories with nominations posted Thursday and winner posted March 16. I'll also post winners of other categories on the 16th, but they won't have nomination prior.

Also, I'll still be doing the West Wing Quotes of the day each Monday and the Top 10 each Friday.

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House said...

Dude...have you seen "The Aristocrats" yet? My image of Stewart was tarnished after I watched the DVD extras...