Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bonus Quote of the Week

Here's what Curt Schilling wrote on the Sons of Sam Horn message board before Pedro's start Wednesday night. He was right. Nice to see Pedro get a good welcome. Unfortunately, the Sox bats weren't very welcoming. Or, maybe that was fortunate.

"You can't possibly want to boo this guy. What you got a chance to see for a 4 year period, imo, included 3 of the most dominating pitching seasons in baseball history. I don't care about 1 ounce of off the field stuff, you got front row seats to one of the premier pitchers in the games history and arguably a few of the greatest Red Sox pitching lines ever put up. He left, he got more money from New York, and he didn't sign with the Yanks. no one outside of Theo, Larry, Pedro, Tom and John Henry knows even one of the intimate details of how it went down, both sides can agree to disagree. Bottom line is he was a major part of bringing a world series to Boston and one of "the 25". IMO give him a big ass standing ovation, then after pitch one rattle his ass as best you can, we'll need the help I think."

PS- I'll have some NBA Draft stuff up later.

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