Monday, December 04, 2006


Before I go on a mini-rant, I'll point out that I was hoping for Florida to be chosen over Michigan as Ohio State's opponent in the BCS Championship. So, this isn't a Michigan guy upset that his team didn't get in.

Do you know what the worst thing about this Michigan or Florida uproar is? That the bowl-system backers will have the nerve to claim that these arguments are good for college football. That somehow, people calling bullshit on the system and arguing about which team is really No. 2 (this is a rare case when you WANT to be No. 2) is positive for the game because people are talking about it.

I hear this argument each year and each year it comes off as more and more asinine. In fact, I think it puts the ASS in asinine. I know the saying that no press is bad press (and I completely disagree), but you can't possibly act that this argument is better than a 8- or 16-team tournament with a national championship decided. Can you imagine how crazy people would be going right now over their brackets? Here's what the tournament would look like if it was an eight-team tourney.

1. Ohio State vs. 8. Boise State
2. Florida vs. 7 Wisconsin
3. Michigan vs. 6 Louisville
4. LSU vs. 5 USC

I'd love to fill out that bracket. And if it went to 16, even better.

But this is ridiculous to the point that I won't watch a single bowl game except the last one. Yeah, that's great for college football.

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