Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nancy Drew? D.L. Drew?

So, the Red Sox decided to give J.D. Drew five years and $70 million. Ho-K. At least he's young and just coming into his own offensively. Oh, wait, he's 31 and his numbers aren't exactly zooming on an upward trend. At least he's coming from a hardcore fan base. Oh, nevermind. He was considered to be lacking interest by an LA fanbase that is generally also lacking in interest.

Well, that's my immediate reaction. Here's the rest, as I've now thought about it 35 seconds. I'm okay with the deal if Manny Ramirez is playing for the Sox next year. Drew could be a good No. 5 hitter and give the Sox a 1-5 of Lugo-Crisp-Ortiz-Manny-Drew that is quite potent. He's a good defensive right-fielder in a park that needs one and, when he's on the field, he has good numbers. Plus, if he's the No. 5 guy, any early struggles won't be QUITE as magnified as if the Sox fans are looking at him as essentially Manny's replacement.

However, if Manny is gonzo and Drew must become the No. 4 hitter, I HATE this deal. Too much pressure for a guy who has never shown that he can live up to it and can't seem to stay in the lineup for an entire season. AND he'll be 36 at the end of this contract.

Regardless, I'd rather have Johnny Damon. There, I said it.

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