Friday, January 05, 2007

NFL Wild-Card Weekend Picks

Each week, I'll be picking the NFL's games vs. the spread. This could be ugly.

Indianapolis Colts (-7) over Kansas City Chiefs
I have no idea how the Colts awful run defense is going to keep Larry Johnson from running for 175 yards and, because of that, I'd love to take KC. But Herman Edwards is (now that Art Shell has been fired) arguably the worst in-game coach in the NFL and there's no way I'm taking him on the road in the playoffs. No way.

Seattle Seahawks (-2.5) over Dallas Cowboys
I'm the home team here, especially since the 'Hawks have such a great home field advantage (remember that from last year. Plus, I think we've all forgotten that Seattle was pretty knicked up all season and are finally getting everything together. Plus, Dallas has been SO bad lately, it's hard to imagine them suddenly looking like a bunch of all-pros.

New York Giants (+7) over Philadelphia Eagles
I actually think the Eagles, who are extremely hot heading into the playoffs, will win this game. But I think it will be close enough for the Giants to cover the spread. See ya Tiki Barber, you'll regret retiring by 2009.

New England Patriots (-8.5) over New York Jets
I'm a homer. Deal with it. I think they'll win by twice the spread.

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