Monday, January 22, 2007


I'm going to say one hugely homer thing about last night and then get on to baseball season.

That was a worse refereed game than the Super Bowl. Four, FOUR hugely blown calls against the Patriots (three via pass interference calls/no calls and a roughing the passer) and yet they still should have won the game. All they had to do was kill the clock and they were going back to their fourth Super Bowl in six years.

These are the days when I wish Jeff, Frank and Andy were still blogging, because I'm dying to hear what they thought of the game.

Anyway, who's ready for the fantasy baseball auction?

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House said...

Dude...terrible refs and all, that was still a great game. It's a shame that the Pats came up on the wrong side of it, but it was nonetheless a great game.

I'll get back to blogging in due time, my friend. In due time...I have these daydreams about heading on daytime talk shows to talk about my makes me smile...and if, God willing, that happens, I'll HAVE to blog about it..."Rosie O'Donnell smells like old feet"..."Ellen really is funny, and she makes a mean spinish dip"..."Rachel Ray was hitting on me, again"...and that's when I snap-to and remember I'm a freakin' MORTGAGE GUY first, who only writes in his spare time...