Thursday, May 17, 2007

Two movie links

Good interview here with Frank Darabont, including talk about Indy 4, The Mist and calling George Lucas crazy.

This is the best part to me though:
Darabont: I have the rights to two of his stories. One is "The Long Walk," which is a tremendously bizarre and powerful little piece. The other is "The Monkey," a very old-school chiller. They're both very human character pieces. I suspect I'll make them on even lower budgets than "The Mist." Hopefully I'll be able to get to one or both this year.

"The Long Walk" is one of my absolute favorite King books and I'd love to see how Darabont treats it. Could be very, very interesting and introspective.

Staying with movies, yeah, I think I'll see this.

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