Monday, June 18, 2007

News and Notes

First off, today is the second anniversary of the best decision of my life. I'm just glad I somehow convinced Lisa to go along with it. What a ride it's been so far. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.

Also, a big ole belated Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there, especially mine. Hope it was a heck of a Sunday for all of ya. It was for me.

Now the non-sappy portion of this blog:
For you Sopranos fans, apparently, Tony was killed at the end. I can't imagine being able to argue against all of those observations.

Yeah, it was interesting to see Barry Bonds at Fenway Park, but I'm officially off the interleague play bandwagon. Unless they can figure out a way to make the schedule more fair for teams in the same division (the Yankees played the PIRATES?), it's completely unfair. Also, I hate the NL style of play. Double switches? Hitting for the pitcher in the seventh? BO-RING.

Dear Celtics. Three words: PULL THE TRIGGER (Insider)

Four words: Baseball Hall of Shame

Super Quick Movie Reviews
Rocky Balboa: Better than it had any right to be, and Peter Petrelli is in it!

Scary Movie 4: Quite possibly the shortest movie I've seen that didn't involve dancing ducks, singing mice or poohing bears. Not funny.

Apocalypto: This one put me over the edge. Mel Gibson definitely needs psychiatric help. The guy is WAY too into torture. There are ways to do a movie like this and there are some spectacular things within the film, but it was too painful. And this is coming from someone who defended The Passion.

The Queen: Not nearly as good as I expected, but a very good performance by Helen Mirren in the title role. Honestly, it was a little boring, even for a political junky like me.

The Prestige: Very, very good movie about two magicians trying to one-up each other. If you haven't seen it, try to avoid all spoilers and watch it ASAP.

Blood Diamond: Powerful movie. Highly recommended.

Jackass: Number Two: Lisa and I both liked the first one and didn't really like this one. Thought it was more mean-spirited and less fun.

Currently out: In the Name of the Father, Lady in the Water, The Illusionist. So you'll probably get terribly short reviews of those sometime in January :)

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Dwight Evans

Evans, while active in MLB, traded himself in a fantasy league because he "Needed pitching help...


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