Friday, June 20, 2008

Catching up

A lot has happened since I was regularly posting a while back. I'll get to some of the best stuff (Barack Obama, Josh stuff, Celtics, etc.) over the next week or so, but today we're coming back with the Friday links, which I'm hoping to make a more regular feature.

*First, I love Baseball Prospectus. Here are their percentages for each team winning their division, taking the Wild Card and making the playoffs. Basically, they simulated the rest of the season one million times and this is how it broke down.

*Roger Ebert really liked Get Smart and really hated The Love Guru. By the way, Roger is blogging now and it's definitely worth bookmarking.

*The Royal Rooters won't be repeating and have already sold off most of their overpriced players in an effort to rebuild for next year. I'm thinking of calling a press conference to rip my team, Steinbrenner style.

*So 17 girls at Gloucester High School are pregnant. Who knew Shawn Kemp had moved into the state? (I stole that joke from WEEI). I feel like there's also a bad "Perfect Storm" joke in here somewhere, too

*Here's a story on those metal necklaces the Sox pitchers have been wearing.

*This is great. Switch-pitcher vs. switch-hitter.

*Finally, Lisa and I both had to work on Wednesday, so we're heading away for a night (the first time we'll both be away from Josh at the same time overnight). This place is amazing. We'll be there for 2-3 hours on Saturday.

See you Monday night.

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