Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday Links

*I think we are going to stick with a schedule of two weeks on, one week off for the Top 100 Movies for now, so we'll return to the list (Nos. 76 through 80, which include incredible performances from Jamie Foxx and Tom Hanks, the terrific reimagining of a franchise, an awesome Pixar movie and an 80s classic) next week. I'll make it up to you on the odd Tuesdays with some links.*

SNL on the VP debate (so worth the 11+ minutes)

Anyway, we are five Tuesdays from voting and it's official: This campaign is taking a hugely negative turn, even moreso than in the past few months. The McCain-Palin ticket is talking about terrorists and associations and all shots of pure bullshit.

As Andrew Sullivan writes, "If you thought the McCain campaign could go any lower, you were wrong." Elisabeth clearly got the memo.

Rolling Stone on John McCain, the Fake Maverick.

If I can recommend one site for following the ever-changing polls, it's, which is an incredibly done look at the electoral college done by Nate Silver, the genius behind Baseball Prospectus. You really have to take a look at this site. It breaks down every poll and every state to determine the real race, not the BS percentages that the networks love to reference and mean absolutely nothing. There are, of course, a ton of other political sites in my links if you are interested in more.

I continue to find Mike Murphy to be a great voice on the Republican side. For whatever reason, I love this chart of the height/weight of presidential candidates over the years.

Richard Clarke is scaring the crap out of me today.

My ex-roommate has been blogging his ass off lately.

This is messed up. The 10 creepiest ads ever. I'm definitely going to take a longer look at this site.

Ken Rosenthal talks about the CC Sweepstakes. I know one Johnston, RI resident hoping he'll return to the AL.

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